8 Seconds To Go

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The gloves are have been covered in resin to help grip the bull rope. The wrist is tightly wound with adhesive tape to prevent it from slipping off the hand. The bull rope has been adjusted to the bull's individual bucking moves. The rider is balanced, takes a deep breath and nods to the gatekeeper. The gate is pulled open and all in arena climb the fence as the bull explodes out with a powerful jump. The clock starts and there is only has 8 seconds to go . . . Who will win this round? The bull or the rider?

Some have expressed concern over the treatment of these rodeo bulls. When you have an animal that is valued in the 100's of thousands of dollars, with some over a million dollars, you can be sure they are treated very well.

This is an open edition archival print using museum quality paper and highly pigmented inks, The image size is 10 x 8 inches, It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with information on the artist and the printer. This may also be printed in  a larger size. Please contact the gallery for more information.