Lantern and Mantle

Donald J. Rommes

"While I loved the worn and colorful wallpaper, and the wonderful form of the lantern, this image is also a nod to Vermeer. Close to the North Sea, I too am creating an image in the soft natural light from a window, while observing the reflections in the convex blue glass of the lamp. Examine the image; there's the reflection of the window, the photographer with his tripod, a framed painting, and – looking very closely now (and with a bit of imagination) – the faint profile of a Girl with Pearl Earring." – Don Rommes

Signed by Donald Rommes

Image size is 17 x 11.75 inches, matted to 23.5 x 19.5 inches
Framed under glass with a 1/2 inch black metal frame

$400 USD
Pigment on Paper