Circular Staircase, Saint Magnus Cathedral

Donald J. Rommes

"This stairwell leads up to the high, interior balconies that parallel the nave, and to the elevated walkways that follow the transept. The wide-angle lens used here exaggerates the scale. The passage is actually very narrow (I could not walk it without turning a bit sideways) and the steps are not deep enough for the full sole of the foot. It was also quite dark – the beautiful colored light from the stained glass windows provided the only illumination. The steps are nerve-racking to ascend and terrifying to descend, so it is not hard to imagine one of the clergy – especially after some communion wine – taking a painful tumble. The rope hand line was a late, but thoughtful, addition." – Don Rommes

Signed by Donald Rommes

Image size is 20 x 17 inches, matted to 29.25 x 23.25 inches
Framed under glass with a 1/2 inch black metal frame

$450 USD
Pigment on Paper