What is Good Art?

What is good art? This is a question that many visitors to our gallery ask. The answer is simply - Good art is what YOU like!

If you are looking at pieces of art work and you come upon that one piece that instantly connects with you at the visceral level, you had better seriously think about acquiring it! If you do not, you will remember that one piece with longing in the years to come.

What Does POD (Print On Demand) Mean?

Just as it says, that particular Limited Edition piece will be printed specifically for you when you order it from JTo Prints. The Certificate of Authenticity will note this, and will have your name on it. When the entire edition is completely done, there will be no more images printed.

Viewing Duncan Regehr

When you take time to contemplate the works of Duncan Regehr, many thoughts may cross your mind. Some, when first viewing “On Even Ground”, may find their first impression to be uncomfortable. Then they read the description hanging next to the painting:

Quote . . . Maxfield Parrish, 1950

"I'm done with girls on rocks."

Signatures featured in Ashland Magazine

Signatures Gallery was featured in the Fall 2008 Edition of the Ashland Magazine. The history of the gallery, the featured artists and two examples of the artwork available are on the two page spread.

Joseph Tonini's ABC Book Signing

Joseph Tonini's latest book, "Alphabet, Art & History" is almost completed. When published, Signatures Gallery will be hosting a book signing for this very unique look at the alphabet. Each letter is designed using intertwined figures and includes its history and evolution to modern day. For more information go to www.jtoart.com.

Duncan Regehr's Newest Work

We will be debuting one of Duncan Regehr's newest paintings at the Art Walk on Saturday, June 14th. This beautiful pieces' complex imagery is rendered in vibrant colors that seems to glow with its own luminosity. This beautifully framed image is 48 x 36 inches.

Drew Struzan's LA Times Interview

In a story appearing in the LA Times dated 5/22/08, Drew Struzan was interviewed by writer, Tom Russo. Following are some bits from the article.

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